T-Mobile LG Stylo 3 plus TP450 user manual / Guide

This is the official T-Mobile LG Stylo 3 plus TP450 user manual in English and Spanish Provided from the manufacture.

T-mobile will release the LG Stylo 3 plus TP450 soon in next a few days. LG USA today published the LG TP450 user guide on its website before the official launch of the Stylo 3 PLUS.

Those who want to buy this Stylo 3 plus from T-mobile now can grab a copy of the phone’s user guide from below links:

Download LG Stylo 3 plus TP450 user manual



or you can visit this page to download the user manual for Stylo 3 plus

The Stylo 3 plus TP450’s software was also spotted on LG Open source website, LGTP450TN_Nougat_Android_10A.  The phone will come with Android 7.0 N (V10a) firmware out of the box. LG will also release the kdz stock firmware for the LG UP450 when LG release a future security patch for the phone.

Please bookmark this page, we will add the updated user manual and firmware when it is available.