T-mobile LG Optimus L9 (LG P769) USB Drivers

LG P769 Android USB Device Drivers,LG P769 modem USB drivers, LG P769 MTP device drivers.

In order for your new LG Optimus L9 (LG P769) phone to work with your computer, you will need to install the appropriate USB Drivers on your PC. Here you are the latest LG united mobile drivers that will work on Windows computers running Win XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Download LG P769 Android USB Device Drivers


This LG United mobile drivers vER 3.8.1 includes the LG Android usb drivers, LG Modem USB Drivers, LG MTP device drivers and etc.

Trouble Shooting LG Optimus L9 (LG P769) USB Connection Problems

If you got any connection problems, please remove the previous installed LG USB Driver, and install this Latest LG Android USB Device Drivers Ver. 3.8.1.

Installing USB Drivers issues? LG USB Driver Conflict issues? In Windows XP the SetupAPI.log found under %Windir% is a plain text log file that you can use to troubleshoot issues with installing devices.

In windows 7/Vista, You can found the SetupAPI.dev.log and setupApi.app.log under %Windir%/inf/

Please tell us if you got any problems with installing the LG Android USB Device drivers for your LG Optimus L9 (LG P769).