T-mobile LG K20 PLUS (TP260) User manual / Guide

This is the official T-mobile LG K20 PLus user guide in English and Spanish provided from the manufacturer.

LG K20 Plus -T-mobile - LG TP260
LG K20 Plus -T-mobile

T-mobile will launch the LG TP260 as LG K20 PLUS,It is a variant of the LG K10 2017 which was announced at CES 2017 early this year.

LG has released the LG K10 2017 in South Korea market as LG X400.

The LG K20 plus will be available from Metro PCS too, The model number of LG K20 PLUS for Metro PCS is LG MP260.

LG has published the LG K20 PLUS (TP260) User manual in English and Spanish and made it available for download.

T-mobile customers who are interested in this LG K20 PLUS now can download the LG K20 PLUS user guide from below link.

Download T-mobile LG K20 PLUS (TP260) User manual / Guide

Language: English
Download: lg-tp260_tmo_ug_en_v1.0_170216.pdf K20 plus user guide

Language: Spanish
Download: lg-tp260_tmo_ug_es_v1.0_170216.pdf K20 plus user guide

The LG K20 Plus features a 5.3-inch HD In-cell Touch (1280 x 720) display and 1.4 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor.

The European version of the LG K10 2017 LG-M250n received a new software update since its initial release. 

As of March 16, T-mobile USA has not announced the release date and price of the LG K20 PLUS.

T-mobile LG K20 plus (TP260) Stock kdz firmware is now available for download here.

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