T-mobile LG G6 H872 Firmware Update – December 2018 Security Patch

T-mobile LG G6 H872 Firmware Update H87220G

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The LG G6 H872 from T-mobile is getting a new software update which brings the December 2018 Android Security Patch.

T-mobile LG G6 H872 Firmware Update

The details:

Release date: 01/30/2019
Android Security Patch Level: December 2018
Software Version:  H87220G

What’s changing:

– Security updates from Google have been included in this update.

Download T-mobile LG G6 H872 Firmware H87220G

Software Version:H87220G_00
OS Version:O
File Name:H87220g_00_1228.kdz
KDZ File size:2710840260

LG will remove theH87220g_00_1228.kdz from its server when a newer software update is released, Please download the H87220g_00_1228.kdz and keep it as a backup.

LG G6 H872 Issues

A hard reset or master reset can fix almost all apps & software issues on LG G6 H872, If your phone is soft bricked – stuck on boot loop or LG logo screen, You can unbrick it and restore it back to stock by flashing the LG G6 H720 STOCK KDZ firmware with LGUP.

Soft brick means you can still get it into download mode.  If your phone is hard bricked, shows as Qualcomm 9008 device in device manager, You will need to send it to LG official repair shop to fix it.