T-mobile LG G Stylo LG H631 Software Update H63120g stock kdz firmware available for download

Click here to download LGUP DLL for LG H631 and Learn how to unbrick/restore LG H631 with LGUP here.

LG has just released a new software Update for the T-mobile LG G Stylo LG H631.

The Update comes with bug fixes and security patch. The Update will bring your device to software version H63120g.

Starting 09/20/2016, T-mobile LG G Stylo LG H631 users can install the Update through FOTA or Web download via LG bridge and LG Mobile Support Tool.

The T-mobile LG G Stylo LG H631 Stock kdz firmware is also available for download from LG Server. You can grab it from below links if you need it to unbrick/restore your phone back to stock.

Download T-mobile LG G Stylo LG H631 stock firmware

File size: 1.2GB
File format: kdz
OS verison: Android L

Software version: H63120g

1) LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi
2) LG USB drivers LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.0.4.exe
3) LG H631 DLL for LG UP

If you have ever bricked your LG H631, You can download the above firmware and use the LG UP to restore your phone.
Also, You can use the LG UP to manually install the latest software Update.