T-mobile LG Aristo M210 Software Updates: Checking the software version and Update history

[Update] The latest firmware for T-mobile LG Aristo M210 IS  M21011C

This document will be updated if and when a new firmware update is available.

T-mobile LG Aristo M210 software Update history

Software version M21011cAndroid 7.027-Dec-18December security update
Software version M21011bAndroid 7.014-Nov-18October security update
Various system improvements
Software version M21011aAndroid 7.025-Aug-18August security update
Software version M21010zAndroid 7.02-Jul-18June security update and WFC improvements
Software version M21010yAndroid 7.027-Apr-18April security update
Software version M21010uAndroid 7.08-Jan-18Maintenance release
Software version M21010tAndroid 7.06-Dec-17Maintenance release
Software version M21010sAndroid 7.02-Nov-17Maintenance release
Software version M21010rAndroid 7.026-Sep-17Maintenance release
Software version M21010iAndroid 7.01-May-17Google monthly security updates
Minor bug fixes and security enhancements
Software version M21010hAndroid 7.020-Mar-17e911 bug fix
minor bug fix and software stability enhancements
Software version M21010gAndroid 7.013-Feb-17Google monthly security enhancements  Minor bug fixes
Software Version M21010eAndroid 7.025-Jan-17Original software

Will LG Aristo M210 receive Oreo update?

Looks like LG will release the Android Oreo Update for the T-mobile LG Aristo M210.

LG has already posted the Oreo kernel source for LG M210 on LG Open Source website.


To unbrick/restore LG Aristo M210 back to stock; You need to install:

  1. Latest LG USB drivers for LG M210
  2. LG UP
  3. LG UP DLL for LG M210

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You can also check T-mobile official Support page HERE to learn more details about the LG Aristo M210 software update.

LG To get to know the LG Aristo’s specs and features in details, visit LG Official website here.