T-mobile G4 Stylus LG H631 software update H63120c KDZ stock firmware available for download

T-mobile LG G4 Stylus H631 Stock KDZ firmware H63120C

T-mobile G4 Stylus LG H631 has just received a software Update which brings the software version to H63120c.

The update is available via FOTA and Web download through LG Bridge or LG Mobile Support Tool.

To install the update via LG Bridge, You need to download and install latest LG Bridge software and LG USB drivers., Once the LG Bridge is installed, connect your phone to PC, You should be notified that there is a new software update available., Follow the on screen instruction to install the update.

The stock kdz firmware for T-mobile G4 Stylus LG H631 is also available for downloaad from LG Server, Those who want to install the update manually by LG Up can grab the stock kdz firmware from below link.

Download T-mobile G4 Stylus LG H631 kdz firmware

File size: 1.2GB
Download: H63120c_00_0725.kdz

You can use LG UP to flash the kdz firmware onto your LG H631 phone. You may need to put your phone into download mode first and then run the LG UP, if you experience the uknown model issue on the LG UP TOOL.