Sprint’s LG G4 LS991 Spotted Again in Updated UA profile, running on Android 5.1

Several days ago, The LG LS991,which is expected to be the Sprint version of the LG G4, has been spotted in a UA profile on Sprint Official website.

The Sprint’s LG G4 LS991 was spotted again in one updated UA Profile.

Sprint has made a few revisions to its User Agent profile listing for the LG LS991. As you can see from below screen shot, The LG LS991 runs Android 5.1 and the software number is LS991ZV1.


Moreover, Another LG G4 variant (Model:LG-H818)running on Android 5.1 build LMY29F has been spotted on HTML5TEST website.

The upcoming LG G4 should come with Android 5.1 out of the Box.

Source: http://device.sprintpcs.com/LG/LS991-SPRINT/latest

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  1. Thanks you!!
    I come from

    thank you !! I’m currently spending lg optimus lte 2 lg l7 not, I have one thing to wonder why. 2 lg lte support 2g ram without floating on android 5.0 and I have seen the android 5.0 update for the computer support of samsung ram 1g, opp, htc, lg, such as why no support for lg lte 2

  2. There is a Jelly Bean ROM for the LG L7 LTE 2. No Lollipop or KitKat ROMs. People would go crazy if there was a Lollipop ROM. Jelly Bean has the least number of crashes since Gingerbread. This developer I am talking about is very talented. Wi-Fi works, and it boot. If you can live without the camera this is a good ROM. There is a camera fix, but I don’t think he knows how or it does not work. Here is the link to the CM10 Jelly Bean ROM: http://androidforums.com/threads/rom-beta-3-unofficial-cyanogenmod-10.839551/

    If you send me your phone I can make KitKat. If I had the phone you would have KitKat about 5 months ago. Of course nobody would send me there phone. If you really need it you would. If you choose to I will make a Backup in CWM of your phone so when I give it back to you everything is as if was before.

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