Sprint LG Viper (Model:LGLS840I) Software Update: LS840ZVM


The latest firmware update build LS840ZVK is available for Sprint LG Viper LG LS840.
The firmware for model LG LS840I is “LS840ZVM”.

Download LG LS840 Stock Rom / Firmware Build LS840ZVK:


Download LG LS840I Stock Rom / Firmware Build LS840ZVM:


The model LG LS840 is the LG Viper for Sprint, In recent, LG has released the “LS840ZVM” Software Update for lg viper (Model number LGLS840I.)

The LS840ZVM Software update will be rolled out via FOTA push/pull, but the you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi for the actual update to download.

Sprint LG Viper (Model:LGLS840I) Users can choose to pull the update by going into Settings > About Phone > Software Update

You can also choose the LG Mobile Support Tools Software to upgrade your device’s Firmware.