Sprint LG Tribute Dynasty SP200 Firmware

To Unlock LG SP200, You can flash X210ULMA firmware onto LG SP200 with LGUP.

The Anti-rollback Version of X210ULMA11a is ARB00, Do not try to flash X210ULMA11a kdz, If the Anti-rollback version of your SP200’s current software is higher than ARB00.

The Sprint LG Tribute Dynasty SP200 (LGSP200) supports Software Update Via FOTA only.

LG bridge does not support Sprint LG Tribute Dynasty SP200 (LGSP200), So You can not download the LG SP200 firmware with IMEI.

But Do not worry! The  LG Tribute Dynasty SP200 and LG K8+ X210ULMA are the exact same device, You can use X210ULMA firmware to fix almost all software issues on LG SP200.

Flashing the X210ULMA firmware with LGUP can also unlock the LG Tribute Dynasty SP200.

Download X210ULMA firmware build X210ULMA11f





Software Version:X210ULMA11F_00

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210ULMA11f_00_NAO_US_OP_0304.kdz

KDZ File size:2069933420



Download X210ULMA firmware build X210ULMA11a

Google Drive Mirror: X210ULMA11a_00_NAO_US_OP_0921.kdz

The X210ULMA11a firmware includes the September 2018 Android Security Patch.

Factory ToT Version: LMX210AT-00-V11a-LAO-COM -SEP-21-2018-ARB00+0

Qfuse (Anti-rollback) Version: 00

The X210ULMA10d firmware includes the March 2018 Security Patch, If you need to download the X210ULMA10d firmware, You can download it from this Link.


X210ULMA10d .kdz

Factory ToT Version:LMX210AT-00-V10d-LAO-COM-MAR-16-2018-ARB00+0

Qfuse (Anti-rollback) Version: 00

According to MIXTOR001, an SP200 user at gsmhosting forum, The Chip Erase feature allow you to unlock the SP200.

The Chip Erase will erase IMEI/efs, Do not try this if you do not have an NV backup.

In fact, Many LG X210ULMA devices sold on eBay are modified from Sprint LG SP200. You can use Partition DL feature to Flash X210ULMA firmware onto an LG SP200.

Flashing the kdz firmware does not allow you to bypass Google FRP on SP200. But The Chip Erase feature can bypass Google FRP on many old LG devices, You can try it.

PLEASE Let us know if you can bypass the GOOGLE FRP on LG SP200 with LGUP’s Chip Feature.

How to Unlock Sprint LG Tribute Dynasty SP200

  1. Download LGUP LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi
  2. Download LGUP DLL for SP200/X210ULMA (Patched)
  3. Copy the files in the Patched folder into the folder where you install the LGUP (C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP)
  4. Connect your LG SP200 to PC, and run the LGUP
  5. Select the x210ulma kdz and select the Partition DL, Select All Partitions from the POP-UP
  6. Click Start to flash x210ulma firmware onto your SP200.
  7. After reboot, You will unlock your LG SP200 (Convert SP200 into X210ULMA)
  8. You fix the LG SP200 boot loop issues.

If you are having some issues with LGUP and X210ULMA firmware, Please contact us at [email protected]