Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860): how to set up speed dial

Some Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860) Users asked that how they can set up speed dialing on the LG LS860 smart phone.

Here is the simple instruction on how to set up speed dial on LG LS860 cell phones.

Notes, You can store up to 99 phone numbers in speed dial locations. The Number 1 is used for voice mail.

To set up a speed dial number to a contact on Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860):

1. Tap Home-icon> Home-icon> Contacts tab.
2. Tap menu-icon> Speed dials.
3. Tap a desired speed dial location number from 2 to 99.
4. Tap the desired contact and phone number to set it as a speed dial.