Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860): How to add text message signature

How to set text message signature on Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860)? How can i have signatures on all outgoing text message with my Sprint LG Mach (LG LS860).

If this is also your question, you are in right place. here we will share with you the simple instruction on how to add text message signature on LG Mach (LG LS860).

The Stock messaging App supports the text message feature which enable you to easy add signatures.

To set up text message signatures on LG Mach (LG LS860)

Step 1. From Home Screen> Application > Messaging, Tap messaging to launch the App
Step 2. On the All messages screen, tap Menu button for Settings.
Step 3. Now, You will see the Storage Settings, Signature
Step 4. Tap Signature to add signature (blue checkmark displays).

Now you have complete the settings up of text message signatures. You will have the desired signatures attached to each of the text message you send out.