Sprint LG LS740 spotted in Bluetooth SIG filing

[Update] The LG LS740 specs leaked in a UA Profile on Sprint Official website.

The Bluetooth SIG just approved a device (Model:LG LS740) manufactured by LG that appears to be the upcoming 4G LTE LG Phones for Sprint / Virgin mobile.

The filing shows the model listed as being the LG-LS740. The model number prefix “LS” suggests that it is a device for Sprint.

we know that the LG VS740 is the LG ALLY for Verizon WIreless, Maybe the LG LS740 is just the Sprint Version of the LG VS740.


According to Bluetooth SIG Filing, The upcoming LG LS740 is a 4G LTE Mobile Phone features Blutooth 4.0 technology.

Sprint LG LS740 release date? We presume that Sprint/Virgin Mobile will release this LG LS740 smart phone in Q1 2014. Of course, nothing is official until Sprint makes a statement about it.

Source: Bluetooth SIG LS740