Sprint LG G3 to comes with new apps- Concierge-Board, G-Board and more

Here is the list of new apps to be preloaded on Spint version LG G3 (LS990):

Enterprise Suite
Favorite Contacts(W)
SmartShare Cloud – LG Cloud
LG Account
McAfee Mobile Security
Photos (Google+)
Tangible Reality IO

These apps were found in a UAProf file for the LG-LS990. The LG G3 comes with enhanced Qmemo and Qvoice, called as QMemo+ and QVoice+. The Concierge-Board is new LG Concierge APPS in the new LG UI working together with G-board from Google.

Apps such as Enterprise Suite,McAfee Mobile Security, and PayPal suggest that LG also has its eye on getting the LG G3 in the hand of enterprises and other businesses.

We did not know what the Tangible Reality IO APP is.

Stay tuned!