Sprint LG G3 LS990 Software Update: LS990ZV6

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2014

The LS990ZV6 Update is available through OTA. There will be no LS990ZV5 Update.

Note: Do not accept the LS990ZV6 Update, if you still want the root Access.

The Stump Root Tool does not work on Sprint G3 with LS990ZV6 Firmware.

Good news for Spring LG G3 owners, a new software update for Sprint LG G3 that will upgrade the software version to LS990ZV5 will be available soon.

According to latest UA Profile for Sprint LG G3 LS990, The Software version is LS990ZV5. Sprint might release the OTA Update soon in 5 or 7 days.


So far, Sprint has not announced the LS990ZV5 Software Update yet. We did not know the change log for this Update.

As usual, Sprint LG G3 owners should receive OTA update notice on their phones when the Software Update is available.

To Track Sprint LG G3 (LG-LS990) Firmware Update History, Please visit our page here.

Visit Sprint Official Support Page here to find out the Enhancements/Fixes of this LS990ZV5 Software Update.

Please note that the Update will not be available through LG PC Suite or LG Mobile Support Tool.