Sprint LG G Flex LS995 Software Update: LS995ZV9

A new software update build LS995ZV9 for Sprint LG G Flex LS995 is currently available through over-the-air, or OTA, updates.

The Update is not available through LG Mobile Support Tool or LG PC Suite Software.

It is not the Android 5.0 L update.

LS995V9 Software Update change Log:

• New PRL (51103) update

• Google Security Patch

• Google Market Store update 4.4.2 R5

• Radio Player improvement

• Wi-Fi Calling improvement

After the Update, You lost the Root Access.

There is no root for LS995ZV9 so do not accept the ZV9 OTA Update unless you don’t mind being without root.

You can downgrade or restore your handset to the previous firmware if you want to root your handset.

Wish this helps!