Sprint LG G Flex (LG LS995) Pass Through The FCC

[Update on 2014/01/23]

The User manual for Sprint G Flex (LS995) is available for download here.

The new device featuring model Number LG LS995, a variant of the G Flex for Sprint, has recently passed through the FCC.


According to FCC filing, The LG LS995 sports the same dimensions as the LG D959 (G Flex for T-mobile) model, and the LS995 model Supporst both CDMA and Sprint’s three native LTE bands (800MHz, 1,900MHz and 2,500MHz).

There are no news yet when Sprint and LG will release the G Flex (LG LS995) in the US.

Although the time between FCC approval and market release varies greatly for each phone, we can expect the device to arrive for Sprint soon.