South Korean LG G4 (F500L,F500K,F500S) confirmed to have QHD 2K display

The LG G4 for South Korean market, namely the LG F500L/K/S, was spotted in a System dump of LG G3 F400L model which comes with latest Android 5.0 L firmware.


The LG F500L/K/S model was listed as “G4 (QHD)” in a XML file (/etc/dmb_conf.xml). Now we are pretty sure that the LG G4 for South korea market will come with a QHD (1440×2560 pixel) display.

The LG G Flex 2 (F510L/K/S) was also mentioned in the System Dump file, it was listed as “Z2(FHD)”.

Another unannounced yet device (F540L/K/S) was listed as “C90(HD)”. It could be the successor of the LG L90 smart phone.