South Korea LG V20 (F800L/F800K/F800S) Stock kdz firmware v10e

Here you can download the latest stock kdz firmware for the South Korea version of the LG V20.

The South Korea LG V20 has three model variants, namely the LG F800L, LG F800K and LG F800S. The latest firmware for the South korea Version of the LG V20 is V10e.

Download LG V20 (F800L/F800K/F800S) Stock kdz firmware v10e

Model: F800L
Download from LG server: /F800L10e_00_0914.kdz

Model: F800K
Download from Mega mirro:F800k10e_00_0914.kdz

Model: F800S
Download from Mega Mirro:F800S10e_00_0914.kdz

The DLL for LG Flash tool for LG V20 F800L/K/S is also available for download




The above dll files works on LG Flash tool 2016, if you want DLL files for LG UP to flash F800L/K/S kdz firmware, please contact us.