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South Korea LG G6 LGMG600 Android Pie beta V30b

September 18, 2019

LG is testing the Android Pie beta firmware Build V30b for the South Korea version of the LG G6.

Looks like LG will push out the Android 9.0 Pie Update for the LG G6 in South Korea Very Soon!

Our tipster has already download the firmware – LGMG600L-V20q-to-V30b.up – Which is an OTA Update from V20q to V30b.

The LGMG600L-V20q-to-V30b.up can be installed via LGUP Tool’s FOTA Upgrade option.

LGM-G600SR LGMG600SRAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SRAT-V30b-SKT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2365.47MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600SP LGMG600SPAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SPAT-V30b-SKT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2365.47MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600S LGMG600SAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SAT-V30b-SKT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2365.47MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600LR LGMG600LRAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LRAT-V30b-LGU-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2389.36MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600LP LGMG600LPAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LPAT-V30b-LGU-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2389.36MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600L LGMG600LAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LAT-V30b-LGU-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2389.36MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600KR LGMG600KRAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KRAT-V30b-KT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2437.63MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600KP LGMG600KPAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KPAT-V30b-KT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2437.63MB 2019/9/17
LGM-G600K LGMG600KAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KAT-V30b-KT-KR-SEP-17-2019+0 2437.63MB 2019/9/17

 Below is the Android Pie Beta – V26k 


Download LG G6 LMG600 PIE BETA V26k firmware

LGM-G600SR LGMG600SRAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SRAT-V26k-SKT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2269.03MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600SP LGMG600SPAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SPAT-V26k-SKT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2269.03MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600S LGMG600SAT-V20q-SKT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600SAT-V26k-SKT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2269.03MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600LR LGMG600LRAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LRAT-V26k-LGU-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2354.36MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600LP LGMG600LPAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LPAT-V26k-LGU-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2354.36MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600L LGMG600LAT-V20q-LGU-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600LAT-V26k-LGU-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2354.36MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600KR LGMG600KRAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KRAT-V26k-KT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2379.99MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600KP LGMG600KPAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KPAT-V26k-KT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2379.99MB 2019-8-23
LGM-G600K LGMG600KAT-V20q-KT-KR-JUN-20-2019+0 LGMG600KAT-V26k-KT-KR-AUG-23-2019+0 2379.99MB 2019-8-23

LG official is testing the Android Pie beta firmware V26a for South Korea Version of the LG G6 smartphone.

One of our tipsters has recently managed to grab a leaked beta build of Android Pie – LGMG600L-V26a-LGU-KR-JUL-15-2019+0.

The leaked beta build is software version V26a, According to our sources, the final release should be software version V30a or above.

Once LG finished the test for v26a beta firmware, LG’s Engineer will work on the v27a, and the next is v28a., so there is still a long way to go, we might see the final release from LG official in September 2019.

On July 10, LG official releases the v20Q software Update for the LG G6 in South Korea.  The software versions for LG U + and SK Telecom models are G600L20q and G600S20q respectively.

Our tipster said the v20q Update also add some files and make the device ready to receive the future Android Pie 9.0 OS Upgrade. If your LG G6 LMG600 model has software version V20Q, You phone is eligible to get the Android Pie Update.

The leaked beta firmware weighs 2183.28MB. It comes with the .up file extension – LG’s OTA Update file format. You should be able to sideload the UP file though LGUP developer’s FOTA Update option.

We have not tested the Android Pie Beta firmware V26a on LG G6 LGMG600 smartphone, Because the beta firmware may have some issues.

Learn how to flash the UP (OTA Update File) with LGUP Here.