Some T-mobile LG V30 plus Samples received Android 8.0 Update

LG today released the Android 8.0 software update for T-mobile LG V30 PLUS!

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierLast Update Date

As you can see from above sheet, The update is now available only for LG V30 PLUS variants with model number LGH932BK (Buyer suffix:1TI).

According to our tipster, LG is testing the Android 8.0 Update update on some LG H932BK samples. LG and T-mobile will release the Android 8.0 Update very soon from LG V30 (H932SV) and LG H930 PLU (H932U) Very soon.

When LG released the Android 8.0 Update for the T-mobile LG V30 and LG V30 PLUS, we will be able to download the Stock Android 8.0 KDZ firmware.

PLEASE notes that we can not download Android 8.0 firmware for LG V30 from AT&T and Sprint, Because the carriers supports FOTA software Update only.

PLEASE bookmark this page, we will share with you the Stock Android 8.0 KDZ firmware later when it is available.

Want to check the latest firmware for your phone with IMEI, Please visit here.


Source: LG