LG LS770 for Sprint passed through the FCC

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Days ago, The LG LS770 model for Sprint was spotted in a UA Prof on Sprint official website. Now, the model number was also found in FCC filings under FCCID “ZNFLS770”. According to the device’s SAR test report, the device is 79.3 mm wide by 154.1 mm tall, meaning that it is larger than the […]

LG LS751 for Sprint Spotted in UAProf

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A new LG handset with the model number LG LS751 was spotted today in a user agent profile (UAProf) on Sprint offcial website. The LG LS751’s User agent Profile does not mention the handset’s specs in details, but confirming its existence. In 2015, Sprint will launch at least six LG devices, including the LG G […]

Sprint LG G4’s official model number is LS991?

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Possible Sprint Version of the LG G4, has surfaced online with model number LG-LS991. The model number was spotted in a UA Profile on Sprint Official website. As the Sprint’s LG G3 model number is LG-LS990, It is Logical that the LG-LS991 is the Sprint Variant of LG G4. Unfortunately, the handset’s Specs in details, […]

Mystery Sprint bound LG LK430 tablet passes through FCC

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A Mystery LG-made tablet stopped by the FCC yesterday under ID ZNFLK430. According to LG’s documents filed at FCC, the unannounced yet device comes with model number LG-LK430. The device is identified as “portable tablet” in the SAR Test Report. The tablet was tested in all Sprint LTE band flavors (B25, B26 and B41). The […]

Sprint LG G flex 2’s official model number is LS996

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LG officially announced its upcoming G flex 2 flagship Smartphone today. In the U.S., Sprint will be the first carrier to offer the G flex 2 smart phones. The G flex 2 for Sprint has its own webpage over at LG’s official website, where we can see that the device is identified as the LG […]

Sprint LG G Flex LS995 Software Update: LS995ZV9

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A new software update build LS995ZV9 for Sprint LG G Flex LS995 is currently available through over-the-air, or OTA, updates. The Update is not available through LG Mobile Support Tool or LG PC Suite Software. It is not the Android 5.0 L update. LS995V9 Software Update change Log: • New PRL (51103) update • Google […]

LG LS996 for Sprint approved by the FCC

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A new LG handset with model number LS996 was approved by the FCC today. The LG LS996 supports LTE bands 2, 4, 12, 25, 26, and 41, according to its filing. Just like many recent LG handsets, the LG LS996 phone features Rear Key design – The volume rocker and power button are placed on […]