LG G Flex Model variants (D959,D955,D958) leaked in UA Profiles

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The LG G Flex is now officially available for purchase through 3 major carriers in the South Koreawith a launch date of November 12. There are three different models for the Korean market – LG-F340K for KT, LG-F340L for LG U+ and LG-F340S for SK Telecom. LG Official also confirmed that the G Flex will […]

Download LG Google Nexus 5 User Manual / Guide

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The Google Nexus User manual in PDF is not available yet from Google Nexus 5 Support site. [UPDATE] Sprint Nexus 5 owners can download the Quick start Guide,Nexus 5 Safety & Warranty from LG Official website. http://www.lg.com/us/support/products/documents/Nexus5_GSG_SPR_Print_V1.0_131003-1.pdf The Good news is that Google’s official quick start guide on using Nexus 5 Android 4.4 KitKat is […]

LG D958 and LG D955 Spotted In User Agent Profile

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It seems that LG will announce the LG G Flex in the global market. Last month, The AT & T G Flex (LG D950 or LG D959) and Sprint G Flex (LG LS995) have been spotted in UA Profiles. Today, another two G flex model variants were spotted in the User Agent Profile of the […]

What’s the difference between the two Nexus 5 models D820 and D821

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Question: What’s the difference between the two Nexus 5 models D820 and D821? Answer: Both models share the same design, buttons, camera,and case Both the D820 and D821 run the exact same software build. Both models share the same specs: the screen, processor, RAM, sensors, Wifi and everything else The only difference is the Radios: […]

Unannounced LG LS995 Spotted at Bluetooth SIG

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[Updated] The LG LS995 UA Profile which Unveiled the device specs in details was spotted at Sprint.com official website. Click Here to find out this upcoming sprint lg ls995 smart phone specs and features. A new LG device has been spotted over at the Bluetooth SIG, featuring model number LG-LS995, but with no official info […]