Q/A, Can i use Knock on / off features on my LG Optimus G?

Question, I know there is a impressive feature on the LG G2 smart phone named “Knock Knock” which let you to turn on/off the screen without using the power button. So is there any software update included the “knock knock” feature for Optimus G?


At present, The Knock Knock feature is available only on LG G2 smart phones.
There are no news yet when other LG smart phone will have the “knock Knock” feature.

To use knock knock feature on other LG Android smart phones:

You can try this 3rd party android app, Tap Tap App ( Screen On-Off ) by Pedro Maicae. Visit google play store here to find out the apps.

Tap Tap App ( Screen On-Off ) Description:

Lock and unlock the screen with a double tap the proximity sensor.

And widget, locks your phone with one click.
Reduces use of the power button.
Turns off screen fast.