Q730MM10P: MetroPcs LG Stylo 6 Software Update

LG Stylo 6 from Metro by T-mobile is getting a new software update!

LG official is rolling out a new software update for the T-mobile LG Stylo 6 LMQ730TM and Metro LG Stylo 6 LMQ730MM!

The software update arrives as software version Q730MM10P and includes the latest Android Security Patch.

On December 7, LG officially released the Metro LG Stylo 6 LMQ730MM Stock kdz Firmware(ROM) and made it available for download.

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierLast Update Date

For your information, Now You can upgrade your LG Stylo 6LMQ730MM to software version Q730MM10P  via OTA and LG Bridge.

Now You can download Metro LG Stylo 6 LMQ730MM Stock kdz Firmware(ROM) version Q730MM10P from the below links

Download LG Stylo 6 LMQ730MM Stock kdz Firmware(ROM)

  • ROM Version: Q730MM10P
  • Buyer Suffix: MTP
  • Buyer: Metro by T-mobile
  • Model: LG Stylo 6 LMQ730MM, LM-Q730MM, Q730MM
  • OS Version: Android 10 Q
  • Size: 3.44GB
  • Filename: Q730MM10p_00_MPCS_US_OP_1111.kdz

Download: http://lgegdmswdl.s.llnwi.net/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FW92GSEDE2Q5AF53EFA3AMY/Q730MM10p_00_MPCS_US_OP_1111.kdz

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