Possible LG Q81 LM-Q830N leaked online

An upcoming LG phone with the model number LM-Q830N was spotted in LGT’s database.

According to our tipster, the LM-Q830N or LMQ830N could be the LG Q83 or Q81 coming to LGT – South Korea’s No. 3 mobile carrier!

As you can see from the above screenshot,  the LG Q83 has three model numbers, namely LM-Q830NK, LM-Q830N, and LM-Q830N-00.

LG Q61’s model name is LMQ630N, so the LMQ830N could be called LG Q81.

LG official has not announced the LG Q81/Q83 smartphone yet. Maybe the LG Q81/Q83 will be available for purchase from three major mobile carriers in the South Korea.

Source: http://www.ppomppu.co.kr/zboard/view.php?id=phone&no=3648637