Possible LG L90 successor (model: LG-H500) certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

A new LG handset carrying model number LG-H500, which is believed to be the successor of LG L90, was just spotted in the Wi-Fi Alliance’s database.


Here are the model variants of the upcoming smart phone:

LG-H500F / LG-H500g / LG-H500TR
LG-H502F / LG-H502g / LG-H502TV

According the Wi-Fi Alliance Certificate, the handset runs Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the Box.

Days ago, The LG-H500 model number was spotted in a leak document which suggests that the device will come with 720p display of unknown size.

According to the leaked document, the project code for the LG-H500 model is ‘Y90”, so the device could be the successor of the LG L90.

Other specs of the handset remain unknown at the moment.

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