Possible LG K8X or K31 LMK300UM gets FCC certification

LMK300UM (LM-K300UM, K300UM) is the model name for LG K8X for U.S. Cellular!

LMK300QM6 is the model name for LG K31™ | Spectrum Mobile!

An LG phone with model number LMK300UM and its variants such as LMK300WM and LMK300QM6 has received approval from the FCC, suggesting that the device could be on the market soon.


Several days ago, The LMK300AM coming to AT&T received the FCC Approval and LG has already published AT&T GoPhone LG LMK300AM User Manual / Guide on LG USA official website.

Two variants of the LMK300AM, namely the LMK300AM4 and LMK300CMR will be available for purchase from Cricket Wireless, According to LG.

The LG LMK300UM could be the LG K31 for the U.S. Cellular, said our tipster.

As per the SAR test report submitted to the FCC, the LMK300UM supports following 4G LTE bands:

  • LTE Band 12
  • LTE Band 13
  • LTE Band 17
  • LTE Band 2 (PCS)
  • LTE Band 25 (PCS)
  • LTE Band 4 (AWS)
  • LTE Band 5 (Cell)
  • LTE Band 66 (AWS)
  • LTE Band 7

And below are the possible LG K31 model variants known so far:

  • LM-K300UM, LMK300UM, K300UM,
  • LM-K300WM, LMK300WM, K300WM,
  • LM-K300QM6, LMK300QM6, K300QM6
  • LM-K300AM, LMK300AM, K300AM
  • LM-K300AM4,LMK300AM4, K300AM4
  • LM-K300CMR, LMK300CRM, K300CMR


As usual, The FCC listing (FCC ID: ZNFK300UM) does not reveal the LMK300UM specs in detail.

Maybe LG will announce the LMK300UM price and release date soon in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned

Source: FCC