Poland PLus LG G Pad II LTE (V935) received V10d software Update

The LG G Pad II LTE (V935)  released in Poland today recieved a new software update which brings the device’s software version to V93510d.

It is Google Android Febuary Security patch for the  LG G Pad II LTE (V935).

Buyer suffix:PLS
Software version: V93510d
Country: Poland
Carrier: PLUS
Live date:2017-03-14
Download: V93510d_00_0220.kdz

You can upgrade/unbrick/restore LG G Pad II LTE (V935) by flashing above firmware with the LG UP software.
Please notes that we did not test the above firmware on other LG V935 model variants.

If you are in need of LG V935 Stock kdz firmware, please contact us and let us know your country, carrier and Your device’S IMEI.