Sprint LG Tribute Empire X220PM receives Bluetooth SIG certification

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It seems that Sprint will launch another mid-range smartphone manufactured by the LG electronics by the end of 2018. A new LG handset with the model number X220PM (LM-X220PM) has just received the Bluetooth SIG certification.  According to Bluetooth SIG listings, The upcoming X220PM (LM-X220PM) features support for Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Back in August 2018, the X220PM model […]

European LG K9 X210EM Firmware Update X210EM10J – November 2018 Security Patch

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LG official is rolling out a new firmware Update for the LG K9 X210EM (LMX210EM) sold in European Countries. Model Buyer Country Carrier Live Date LMX210EM FRA FR/France FRA 2018-12-17 LMX210EM DEC DE/Germany GERMANY COMMON 2018-12-17 LMX210EM IBR ES/Spain IBERIA COMMON 2018-12-17 LMX210EM GBR GB/United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2018-12-17 LMX210EM NLD NL/Netherlands NLD 2018-12-12 LMX210EM VDH […]

LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM Firmware Update – X210CM10e_00_0508.kdz

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The latest firmware for LG Fortune 2 X210CM (LMX210CM) is software version X210CM10e. The Firmware Update build X210CM10e was released in June 2018, and it includes the May 2018 Android security patches. LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM Firmware in KDZ format is now available for download from LG official website, You can download it from below links: Download LG Fortune 2 […]

Verizon LG V40 ThinQ V405UA Firmware Update – V405UA10c_03_VZW_US_OP_1018.kdz

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Verizon LG V40 ThinQ V405UA (LMV405UA) KDZ firmware V405UA10c now available for download. In last month, LG official released the V405UA10c firmware update for the Verizon LG V40 ThinQ V405UA (LMV405UA). The Update software version V405UA10c is a maintenance Update with the October 2018 Android Security Patches. Today, LG official released the STOCK KDZ firmware for the Verizon LG […]

CRICKET LG Risio 3 LMX210CMR Firmware Update X210CMR10f

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LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) Firmware X210CMR10f_00_0510.kdz As requested by an LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) user, We here share with you the latest firmware for the CRICKET LG Risio 3 smartphone. Download LG Risio 3 X210CMR Firmware  IMEI:35470409xxxxxx Model:LMX210CMR Suffix:ACKNOP Buyer:CKN Software Version:X210CMR10F_0 OS Version:NMR2 File Name:X210CMR10f_00_0510.kdz KDZ File size:1921509129 http://pkg02.lime.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FW8AND90A2K0AGC5F077FU1/X210CMR10f_00_0510.kdz This is the latest firmware build X210CMR10f […]

LG Risio 3 LMX210CMR User manual / Guide

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LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) This is the official LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) user manual in English and Spanished provided from the manufacturer. The LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) for Cricket Wireless is a variant of the LG K8 2018. It is an affordable Android phone running on Android7.1.2 Nougat. The phone features a 5.7″ HD TFT Display, a […]

South Korea LG X2 2018 LMX210k Firmware Update

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LG official is rolling out a new Firmware Update for the LG X2 2018 (LMX210K, LMX210L, and LMX210S) Model Buyer Suffix Buyer/Carrier Last Update Date LMX210K KTU KTF CIRCULATION 2018/12/13 LMX210K KTF KTF 2018/12/13 LMX210L LGT LG U+ 2018/12/13 LMX210S SKU SKT DISTRIBUTION 2018/12/13 LMX210S SKT SK TELECOM 2018/12/13 The Update is software version X210K10i and it […]