Band 71 Phones 2020:LG L455DL Tracfone gets FCC Approval

Upcoming Tracfone Prepaid smartphones – LG L455DL has just received the FCC Approval. Several days ago, a mid-range smartphone carrying the model number LG L555DL received the FCC Approval. Today, another mid-range smartphone with the model name LG L455DL passed through the FCC certification process again. FCC ID: ZNFL455DL According to the SAR test report … Read more

LG K10 2017 model variants revealed

LG recently announced the X400 smart phone in its home market. According to, The X400 is the LG K10 2017 for South Korea Marke. The LG X400/K10 2017 has three model variants, namely the K121L, K121S and K121K for three major carriers In the South Korea market. The LG X400/K10 2017 was recently certified by the … Read more

LG K10 for ATT (LG-K425) pass through the FCC

LG anounced its LG K10 smartphone at CES 2016. It is reported that the handset could be making its way onto major US carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon,T-Mobile, and Sprint. The T-mobile (LG-K428) and MetrocPCS (LG-M428) models are available for purchase now. According to a recent FCC filing which shows the device with the model … Read more

LG F770s Spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing

A new LG device simply known as ‘LG-MM0504″ has just been ceritified by the Bluetooth SIG. According to Bluetooth SIG filing, The new LG device is a LG Mobile Phone. Its Design Name is LG-MM0504, and its Software Version Number is F770S08g. Based on the Software version, We know that the official model number for … Read more