New LG MS210 / LG M210 running Android N 7.0 spotted in BLuetooth SIG Filing

A new LG phone carrying model number “LG-MS210” was spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing.

According to Bluetooth SIG filing, the new LG device design name is “LG-Q1720” and It has two model variants, namely the LG m210 for T-mobile and LG MS210 for MetroPCS.

The LG MS210 and LG M210 models numbers were also spotted on LG’S Open source code website which shows that the device comes with latest Android N 7.0 OS.

The LG MS210 and LG M210 could be one of the upcomg LG phones (Upgraded K10,K8,K4,K3 and Stylus 3 ) which was announced at CES 2017.

You can check LG official press release here to find out those upcoing Upgraded K10,K8,K4,K3 and Stylus 3 sPECS and features.

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