New LG D690N specs leaked in Zauba listings

The LG D690N was spotted again on listings.


According to zauba listings, The new LG D690 smart phone features a 5.7-inch display resolution of 1280×720 pixel,
1.3GHZ quad core processor,
8GB of Internal storage,
1GB of RAM,
8MP BSI rear camera and 1.3MP VGA front camera.
The handset runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat,
Supports 4G LTE network connectivity.

So far, we have seen two models with 5.7 inch display that is headed to U.S. namely the LG-D631 for AT&T and LG-VS880 for Verizon Wireless. We know that LG and Verizon wireless will release the LG-VS880 as The LG G Vista in the United States.

This new LG-D690N could be one model variant of the G vista or G pro 2 lite. Early rumors also suggest that LG will release the D69X series smart phones as The G3 Stylus in Brazil, Mexico and other European countries.

At this time, we have seen following G3 Stylus model variants includes D690, D691, D692 and D693.

So far, we can not confirm the final market name for the D69X series smart phones.

Stay Tuned!