Mystery Sprint bound LG LK430 tablet passes through FCC

A Mystery LG-made tablet stopped by the FCC yesterday under ID ZNFLK430.

According to LG’s documents filed at FCC, the unannounced yet device comes with model number LG-LK430. The device is identified as “portable tablet” in the SAR Test Report.

The tablet was tested in all Sprint LTE band flavors (B25, B26 and B41). The online document doesn’t reveal much, but suggest that the device will feature a non-removable battery.


We can confirm that Sprint will launch this device, because the model number was also spotted in a UA Profile on Sprint official website.


According to the UA Profile, The LG-LK430 runs on Android 5.0 OS. Unfortunately, The UA Profile does not disclose any other details of the tablet.


The screenshots you see above show the approval of the LG LK430 for US carrier Sprint. Although the approval does not reveal a US release date, it does suggest that the tablet will be released in the US soon.

Is it the next generation LG G Pad for Sprint? Please let us know your thoughts.

Source: FCC, LK430’s UA Profile