Mystery LG LM-Q815S Gets certified by Wi-Fi Alliance with Android Oreo OS Installed

A new LG smart phone carrying the model number “LM-Q815S” was certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

According to Wi-Fi Alliance Website listing, The new LG LM-Q815S smartphone has Android Oreo OS pre-installed.

Going by the model number, the LM-Q815S could be one of the LG’S mid-range Q series smart phone for 2018.

On May 21, LG official announced the LG Q7,  the newest Q series mid-range smartphone from LG.The Q7 family consists of the Q7+, Q7 and Q7 α with the latter upgraded to 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

So the LM-Q815S could be a variant of the LG Q7 plus or Q7 α.