LG G8X LMG850UM – Here is everything we know.

LG LMG850UM is the model name for the LG G8X ThinQ.

You download the AT&T LG G8X User manual here.

Dec. 10, Unlock LG G8X LMG850QM received a security update since its initial launch.

Dec. 16, Canada Unlocked LG G8X ThinQ software update.

The LG G8X LMG850UM (LM-G850UM, G850UM) received the FCC Approval in September.  The LG G8X model variants include:

LM-G850UM (LMG850UM, G850UM)

LM-G850V ( LMG850V,G850V )

LM-G850QM (LMG850QM,G850QM)

LM-G850QM6 ( LMG850QM6,G850QM6 )

LM-850UM2 (LMG850UM2,G850UM2,)

LM-G850UM2X (LMG850UM2X,G850UM2X)

LG G8X G850UM LTE bands

LG G8X G850EM Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

An LG device with the model number LMG850UM has emerged online.

According to our sources, LG’s engineer is working the firmware for an LMG850UM – which is a test model (IoT).

The firmware name is LMG850UM-V06a_Pre1-USA-XX-JUL-24-2019-ARB00+0.  As you can tell from the name of the test firmware, the current software version is V06a.

The “USA” string in the firmware name suggests that the device is a  U.S. carrier unlocked model.

The U.S. unlocked LG G8 ThinQ has the model number LMG820UM, So We believe that the LMG850UM is another High-end smartphone.

We assume that LG might launch the LMG850UM smartphone in early 2020.

Is it LG G9 or LG G8 ThinQ Plus? Will it come with Android Pie or Android Q.?

Please let us know your ideas in the comments below.