Mystery LG D392 handset spotted on Zauba

The LG D392 is a mid-range Android smart phone headed to India. It is the new LG F60. LG offcial has just announced the handset. Visit LG offcial website to find out the Specs and features of the handset in details.


A new LG handset featuring model number ‘D392’ has been spotted on, which is an Indian import/export tracking website. R&D samples landed in India as recently as May 26.


There are also other several LG handset has shown up in Zauba listing,including D631, D725, D722, D724, D728 and D855.

The LG D631 is the G Pro 2 lite for AT & T, The D725, D722, D724 and D728 are LG G3 mini model variants, the D725 is the ATT version of the G3 mini.

The shipping listings reveal little else about the handset but the declared value of about INR 9,917 (about USD$167) suggests that it is a mid-entry handset.

Stay Tuned.