Mysterious LG Tablet LG-V426 Spotted on Google Developer Website

Upcoming LG tablet with the model number LG-V426 received Bluetooth SIG Certification.

An upcoming new LG tablet carrying the model number LG-V426 was spotted on Google Android zero-touch website.

According to the listing on the Android zero-touch enrollment website, The LG-V426 is a WI-FI-only table and its LG’s first device to feature Android zero-touch support.

The Specs of the LG-V426 in details remain mysterious.  According to our sources, LG Engineer is testing the v09D firmware for the LG V426 – LGV426AT-V09d-ESA-XX-OCT-30-2018+0.

The ESA string in the firmware version suggests that the LG-V426 table will be available in East South Asia first.  The firmware version V09d was built on October 30.

LG might announce this upcoming LG-V426 during the CES 2019.

Stay tuned.