Mysterious LG phone with Snapdragon 835, Android 9.0 PIE Spotted

A mysterious LG smartphone with the model number LMX5LG was spotted on LG Open Source code distribution website.

LG today release the source kernel for a Mysterious LG phone which comes with the model number LMX5LG. The phone will ship with Android PIE 9.0 OS out of the box, According to the listing on the LG opensource website.

As you can see from above screenshot of the LMX5LG source code, The phone is powered by Snapdragon 835 (MSM8998) Soc. It will also feature a QHD display.  

The LGX5LG also has a notch in its screen, and it is easy to turn off/on the notch on the smartphone.

We are still studying the kernel source code for the LMX5LG. We will let you know when we get to know more details about this upcoming LMX5LG smart phone.