Mysterious LG LMT600L spotted in leak document, Is it a Tablet?

[Update, August 6th]  

LG-T600L Pie Kernal source code posted on the LG open Source website.

It could be a tablet with msm8996 Soc, Android 9.0 os, an 8000mAh battery. 


An upcoming LG device with the model number LMT600L was spotted in a leaked document.

According to our sources, LG is working on the firmware for LMT600L – LMT600L-V09e-LGU-KR-xx-xx-2019.

The device will be released in South Korea by carrier LG U+, Based on the device’s firmware name.

The ‘T” suffix in the model number suggests that the device could be a tablet with Android PIE.

Our tipster also mentioned that the device could be LG’s new ‘T” series smartphone.

So far, we did not know other details about this device except the model number.