MetroPCS LG Q7+ (LMQ610MA) Firmware Update Q610MA10L

Here you can download the MetroPCS LG Q7  plus LMQ610MA stock firmware!

You can unbrick/restore your LMQ610MA phone back to stock by flashing the Q610MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1219.kdz with LGUP.

The LG Q7+ Android Smartphone for MetroPCS (LMQ610MA) is receiving a new software update which brings the device’s software version to Q610MA10J!

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierLast Update Date

The software update builds Q610MA10l was released on January 2018.  It is just a maintenance update that adds the December 2018 Android Security Patch.

LG Q7+ LMQ610MA users should receive the update thought FOTA. Those who fail to install the update can download it with LG Bridge.

LG official also released the stock kdz firmware Q610MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1219.kdz for the MetroPCS LG Q7+ (LMQ610MA)!





Software Version:Q610MA10L_00

OS Version:OMR1

File Name:Q610MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1219.kdz

KDZ File size:2589536469

If you experience any issues with the update, please contact us at