MetroPCS LG MS323 Spotted online, more specs revealed

Upcoming metroPCS LG phones 2014, LG MS323.


The LG MS323 is the LG L70 for metroPCS. The handset is available for purchase starting from April 23, 2014


A new device from LG bearing model number “LG MS323” has made an appearance with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The filing shows the model listed as being the LG-MS323 and reveals that it is an 3G Mobile Phone with Bluetooth 4.0.

Furthermore, the new LG MS323 is said to land on the market with a touchscreen display that can deliver a 480×800 resolution, as a User Agent Profile for the device unveils.

The User Agent Profile (UA Profile) of the LG MS323 also indicate that the device features 4G LTE network connectivity and LG Browser. The LG MS323 was also spotted at HTML5Test with the Android 4.4 kitkat OS.


The LG MS323 is certain on its way to U.S. carrier metroPCS, the device could be cheap android 4.4 based smart phones for MetroPCS customers in the market.

There’s no word yet on exactly when it’ll launch, We have not seen this LG MS323 in FCC database yet.