MetroPCS LG leon MS345 software update MS34510L

The MetroPCS LG leon MS345 today received a new software update (build: MS345010L) which brings latest google security patchs and bug fixes.

This is still the Android Lollipop Update, According to The Update is available via FOTA and LG Bridge. If you want to install the update manually or use the latest v10L firmware to unbrick your Phone, you can grab the Lg leon MS345 MS34510L STOCK KDZ firmware from below link

Download /MS34510L_00_0718.kdz

How to get the latest firmware for LG MS345 Phone?

Use this URL:, replace the ABC with your Phone’s IMEI and then copy the complete URL into your web browser, Press enter to retrieve the download url of your phone’s firmware. It is a XML file which include your phone’s IMEI, MODEL, Carier and Firmware URL.

Can not download the kdz firmware from above links? Check this guide for solution.

To restore your LG LEon ms345, First please download the firmware from above link.

and then You need TO INSTALL

LG USB drivers
LG UP software
LG UP DLL for LG MS345

Using LG UP to flash the kdz or tot format firmware is the best and easy way to unbrick/restore your LG MS345 smart phone.