Many LG devices include LG LS620, LG L41c, and LG D320g8 Received Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

Several New LG handset coming to the United States surfaced at Wi-fi Alliance certificate website, namely the LG LS620, LG L41c, and LG D320g8.

The LG LS620 is on its way to Sprint, considering that LG handsets arriving at Sprint have the “LS” prefix in the model number. The LG L41C and the LG L42G are tailor-made for American prepaid wireless provider TracFone.

Here is the full list of new LG devices which received Wi-Fi certification on Jan 8, 2014.

  • LG D160f, LG D160g, LG D160j,LG D160TR
  • LG D165f, LG D165g
  • LG D170
  • LG D180f
  • LG D320, LG D320f, LG D320f8, LG D320g, LG D320g8
  • LG D320j, LG D320nr, LG D320TR
  • LG D325, LG D325g
  • LG D340f
  • LGL41C
  • LGL42G
  • LG LS620
  • The devices in the above list are Optimus W Series line of smartphones(name subject to change).

    LG D320G8 is coming to U.S cellular, According to recent leaks, The LG D160, LG D165, LG D170 and LG D180 sit in the Optimus W3 line, while the LG D320, LG D325, LG D340f belong to the optimus W5.



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