M25520g: AT&T LG K20 M255 Firmware Update

The latest software update for the LG K20 M255 on AT&T is software version M25520g.

The software update builds M25520g is based on Android Oreo 8.1. and it brings the August 2019 Android security patch.

After the Update, Your LG K20’s software version is M25520g and the security patch level is August 1, 2019.

Here is the current update: Android 8.1 Oreo

  • Release date: September 10, 2019
  • Android version: 8.1
  • Security patch level (SPL): August 1, 2019
  • Build number: OPM1.171019.026
  • Software version: M25520g
  • File size: 122MB

  • What’s changing: Security patch level

Where I can download the stock firmware (KDZ or TOT) for AT&T LG K20 M255 smartphone?

There is no way to download the kdz or tot format for the LG K20 M255 on AT&T.

Only LG official repair shop or Authorised service center can fix soft brick or hard brick issues of your LG K20 M255.

In fact, A hard reset or master reset can fix almost all software issues on your LG K20 M255 smartphone.

Learn how to reset LG K20 M255, PLEASE refer LG K20 M255 user guide here, or follow our step by step guides on How to reset LG 20 M255 back to factory default settings here.

Does LG Bridge support software updates for LG K20 M255?

No. LG 20 M255 on AT&T supports software update via OTA only.


Does LG k20 m255 support software update through LG UP?

Yes, You can use LGUP to upgrade/refurbish the LG K20 M255 smartphone. You need LG K20 M255 DLL and LG K20 M255 stock kdz or TOT firmware, But the firmware is not available for download for end-users.