Firmware Update

Lots of LG phones with MTK Soc received Security Update

In last week, Lots of LG phones with MTK Soc including those old LG phones released in 2014 have received a Security Update.

According to LG, The security update fixes the GPS vulnerability triggered “during emergency 911 call and GPS use case (MTK chipset only)”.

All models listed in the below table have received the Security Update. We strongly recommend you to install the Update.

Model Buyer CPU Country Buyer name Date
LGH520G USC MTK MX/Mexico IUSACELL 2019/3/30
LGH500G CRO MTK CR/Costa Rica Costa Rica 2019/3/30
LGH502F PLS MTK PL/Poland PLUS 2019/3/29
LGH520G HAS MTK AT/Austria HUTCHISON 2019/3/29
LGH502F TUR MTK TR/Turkey TURKEY 2019/3/28
LGH520G AVA MTK TR/Turkey AVEA 2019/3/28
LGH500G NLD MTK NL/Netherlands NLD 2019/3/28
LGH502F CIS MTK 04/Cis CIS 2019/3/28
LGH520G CLR MTK BR/Brazil CLARO 2019/3/28
LGH500G UAE MTK AE/United Arab Emirates UAE 2019/3/27
LGH502F ARE MTK AE/United Arab Emirates UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2019/3/27
LGH520G GCC MTK AE/United Arab Emirates ASBT_3PIN 2019/3/27
LGH500G O2U MTK GB/United Kingdom O2 2019/3/27
LGH502F TSC MTK GB/United Kingdom TESCO MOBILE 2019/3/27
LGH502F GBR MTK GB/United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2019/3/27
LGH502F AUS MTK AU/Australia AUSTRALIA 2019/3/27
LGH502F IDN MTK ID/Indonesia INDONESIA 2019/3/27
LGD213N AGR MTK DZ/Algeria AGR 2019/3/27
LGH420 NLD MTK NL/Netherlands NLD 2019/3/27
LGD331TR VPS MTK RS/Serbia VPS 2019/3/27
LGD331TR GLO MTK PH/Philippines Philippines GLO 2019/3/27
LGH320 NGR MTK NG/Nigeria NIGERIA 2019/3/27
LGD331 SKT MTK KR/Republic of Korea SK TELECOM 2019/3/27
LGH522F KDX MTK KR/Republic of Korea KOREA 2019/3/27
LGD221 POL MTK PL/Poland POLAND 2019/3/27
LGD105 PRT MTK PT/Portugal PORTUGAL 2019/3/27
LGD105 ROM MTK RO/Romania ROMANIA 2019/3/27
LGD125 SWS MTK CH/Switzerland Switzerland 2019/3/27
LGD105 ITA MTK IT/Italy ITALY 2019/3/27
LGD125 HUN MTK HU/Hungary HUNGARY 2019/3/27
LGD120 CZE MTK CZ/Czech Republic CZECH 2019/3/27
LGD213N DEU MTK DE/Germany GERMANY 2019/3/27
LGD100 GRC MTK GR/Greece GREECE 2019/3/27
LGH520Y BAL MTK 01/Baltics BALTICS 2019/3/27
LGD105F TM3 MTK PT/Portugal TMN_MEO 2019/3/26
LGD105 MIA MTK PA/Panama MIAMI_OPEN 2019/3/26
LGD221 ZAF MTK ZA/South Africa SOUTH AFRICA 2019/3/26
LGD125 GCC MTK AE/United Arab Emirates ASBT_3PIN 2019/3/26
LGD100 CTU MTK UY/Uruguay CTI 2019/3/26
LGD100 CRI MTK CR/Costa Rica COSTA RICA 2019/3/26
LGD213N CTI MTK AR/Argentina Claro 2019/3/26
LGH520Y ARG MTK AR/Argentina ARGENTINA 2019/3/26
LGD105 TFS MTK AR/Argentina 2019/3/26
LGD100 COL MTK CO/Colombia COLOMBIA 2019/3/26
LGT540 CLR MTK BR/Brazil CLARO 2019/3/26
LGT540 EEE MTK GB/United Kingdom EE 2019/3/26
LGH420 TWN MTK TW/Taiwan TAIWAN 2019/3/26
LGH420 KAZ MTK KZ/Kazakhstan KAZAKHSTAN 2019/3/26
LGH420 CIS MTK 04/Cis CIS 2019/3/26
LGH420 TCL MTK MX/Mexico TELCEL 2019/3/26
LGH420 LMC MTK JM/Jamaica LMC 2019/3/25
LGH420 MIA MTK PA/Panama MIAMI_OPEN 2019/3/25