List of LG devices to get the Android 9.0 P update

If you’re wondering “when will my LG phone get Android 9 Pie?” or if it will get the Android 9.0 update?  You are in the right place.

Here is the list of LG devices that WILL be getting the Android 9.0 Update or have already got the Pie 9.0 Update.

All LG devices in the below table are listed in Android Enterprise Solutions Directory with Android 9.0 Pie OS.

[Last Updated on November 10, 2019]

DeviceModel numbers
K20RS501, LM-X120
LG Aristo 3+LM-X220
LG Aristo 3LM-X220
LG itLGV36
LG X500LG-M320, LGM-X320L, LGM-X320S, LGM-X320K, LM-X510S, LM-X510K
LG X5LG-F770S, LM-X510L
LG Premier ProLML413DL, LM-X410(FG), LM-X410.F, LML414DL, LM-X410.FGN, LM-X410.FG
LG K30LM-X410PM, LM-X320, LGL322DL, LM-X410UM
LG Solo LTELGL423DL, LM-X420
LG K40SLM-X430
Aristo 4+LM-X320
X2 2019LM-X220N
LG Xpression Plus 2LM-X420
LG K40LM-X420
W30LM-X440ZM, LM-X440IM
LG K50802LG, KF1919, LM-X520
LG Stylo 5+LM-Q720
LG Stylo 5LM-Q720, LGL722DL
X6(2019)LM-X525, LM-X625N
LG Q60LM-X525
LG Q9 OneLM-Q927L
LG G7 OneLM-Q910
G Pad 5 10.1 FHDLM-T605, LM-T600, LM-T600L
LG Q7LM-Q610.FGN, LM-Q610.FG, LM-Q617.FGN
LG Q7+LM-Q610(FGN), LM-Q617.FGN, LM-Q725K, LM-Q725L, LM-Q725S, LM-Q727L, LM-Q727S, LM-Q727K
LG style2L-01L
W30 ProLM-X600IM
LG G6LGM-G600K, VS988, LG-H870DS, LG-AS993, LG-H870, LG-LS993,

LG-H872PR, LG-H870AR,

LG-H870I, LG-H870S, LGUS997, LG-H873, LG-H871, LGM-G600L,

LG-H872, LGM-G600S, LG-H871S

V20LG-US996, LG-H990, LG-H910PR, LGV34, LG-LS997, LG-F800L, LG-F800K,

LG-H915, LG-H910, LG-F800S, LG-H918, VS995

LG Q9LM-Q925L, LM-Q925S, LM-Q925K
LG G7 fitLM-Q850
LG Stylo 4LG-Q710PL, LG-Q710AL, LM-Q710.FG, LML713DL, LM-Q710.FGN, LM-Q710(FGN)
Q StylusLM-Q710.FG, LM-Q710.FGN, 801LG, LM-Q710XM
Q8LM-Q815L, LM-Q815S, LM-Q815K, LG-H970, LGM-X800K, LGM-X800L
V30+LGV35, L-01K
V30LG-H932PR, LG-AS998, LG-LS998, LG-H930, LG-H933,

LG-H931, LGM-V300S, LGM-V300K, LGM-V300L, LG-H932, LG-US998, VS996

LG V35 ThinQLM-V350, LM-V350N
V50 ThinQLM-V500, LM-V450
LG V50 ThinQLM-V500, LM-V500N
LG G8 ThinQ™LM-G820N, LM-G820
G8X ThinQLM-G850, 901LG
V50S ThinQLM-V510N
G8S ThinQLM-G810
LG G7 ThinQLM-G710, LM-G710N, LG-G710, LM-G710VM
V40 ThinQLM-V405, LM-V409N