Here is the list of the mid-ranged LG devices to get the Android 8.1 Oreo update

Name Models OS version
LG K20 LG-M255 Android 8.1.0
LG X power2 LM-X510WM, LG-M320G Android 8.1.0
X4 LM-X415K, LM-X410K Android 8.1.0
LG Premier Pro LML413DL, LML414DL, LM-X410.F, LM-X410.FGN, LM-X410.FG, LM-X410(FG) Android 8.1.0
X4+ LM-X410L, LM-X410S, LM-X415L, LM-X415S Android 8.1.0
LG K8(2018) LM-X21(G), LML212VL, LM-X212(G), LM-X210(G), LML211BL, LM-X210 Android 8.1.0
LG G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTE LG-P530L Android 8.1.0
LG X500 LM-X510S, LM-X510K, LGM-X320K, LGM-X320L, LG-M320, LGM-X320S Android 8.1.0
B6 LGT02 Android 8.1.0
Nexus 5X Nexus 5X Android 8.1.0
L-03K L-03K Android 8.1.0
LG Q6 LG-M703, LGM-X600S, LGM-X600K, LG-M700, LG-US700, LGM-X600L Android 8.1.0
LG Stylo 4 LG-Q710PL, LG-Q710AL, LM-Q710(FGN), LML713DL, LM-Q710.FG, LM-Q710.FGN Android 8.1.0
LG Q7 LM-Q610(FGN), LM-Q610.FGN, LM-Q610.FG Android 8.1.0
QStylus Plus LM-Q710.FGN Android 8.1.0
QStylus LM-Q710.FG, LM-Q710.FGN Android 8.1.0
LG Q7+ LM-Q725L, LM-Q725K, LM-Q725S Android 8.1.0
Q8 LM-Q815L, LM-Q815S, LGM-X800K, LGM-X800L, LG-H970 Android 8.1.0


According to Android Enterprise Official website, LG will release the Android Oreo 8.1.0 update for the mid-range LG android smart phones, including the LG X power 2,X4,LG Premier Pro,X4+,LG K8(2018),LG G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTE,LG X500,B6,Nexus 5X,L-03K,LG Q6,LG Stylo 4,LG Q7,QStylus Plus,QStylus,LG Q7+,Q8.

LG X power2 with the model number(LM-X510WM and LG-M320G) was listed with Android Oreo 8.1.0 OS. According to our sources, the X power 2 launched in European countries with the model number LG-M320n will also get the Oreo Update.

Here is a list of devices that will receive Android Oreo 8.0 Update.

Names Models OS version
LG X charge LG-M327, LM-X510.FG, LG-M322, LM-X510(FG), LG-M320 Android 8.0.0
LG X5 LG-F770S, LM-X510L Android 8.0.0
JOJO L-02K Android 8.0.0
V30+ L-01K, LGV35 Android 8.0.0
V30 LG-H932PR, VS996, LGM-V300L, LG-AS998, LG-H931, LG-US998, LG-LS998, LG-H933, LG-H930, LG-H932, LGM-V300S, LGM-V300K Android 8.0.0
LG G6 LG-LS993, LG-H871, LG-AS993, VS988, LGM-G600S, LGM-G600L, LG-H870S, LG-H872, LG-H873, LG-H870I, LGM-G600K, LG-H870AR, LGUS997, LG-H872PR, LG-H870, LG-H870DS Android 8.0.0
V20 PRO L-01J Android 8.0.0
V20 LG-F800S, LG-H918, LG-F800K, LG-H990, LG-H910, LG-US996, LGV34, LG-LS997, LG-F800L, LG-H915, LG-H910PR, VS995 Android 8.0.0
LG G5 LG-F700K, LG-H831, LG-F700S, LGUS992, LG-H820PR, LG-H860, LGAS992, LGLS992, VS987, LG-H850, LG-H868, LG-H820, LG-F700L, LG-H858, RS988, LG-H830 Android 8.0.0
LG G7 ThinQ LM-G710, LG-G710, LM-G710N, LM-G710VM Android 8.0.0
LG V35 ThinQ LM-V350N, LM-V350 Android 8.0.0