List of LG devices to get the Android Oreo 8.X update

Android 8.X Oreo LG Mobile phone List

Here is the list of LG devices that WILL be getting the Oreo update or have already got the Oreo 8.1 Update.

DeviceModelOS Version
LG K8 (2017) DualLG-M200Android 8.1.0
LG K8 (2017)LG-M200, LGUS215Android 8.1.0
LG X300LGM-K120K, LGM-K120L, LGM-K120SAndroid 8.1.0
LG X power2LM-X510WM, LG-M320GAndroid 8.1.0
LG K20LG-M255Android 8.1.0
LG Tribute EmpireLM-X220PMAndroid 8.1.0
LG Aristo 3LM-X220Android 8.1.0
LG itLGV36Android 8.1.0
Fortune 2LM-X210CMR, LM-X210CMAndroid 8.1.0
LG Phoenix 4LM-X210APMAndroid 8.1.0
LG K8(2018)LM-X21(G), LML212VL, LM-X212(G), LM-X210(G), LML211BL, LM-X210Android 8.1.0
LG X500LM-X510S, LM-X510K, LGM-X320K, LGM-X320L, LG-M320, LGM-X320SAndroid 8.1.0
B6LG-V426, LGT02Android 8.1.0
LG K30LM-X410PM, LM-X410UMAndroid 8.1.0
X4LM-X415K, LM-X410KAndroid 8.1.0
LG Premier ProLML413DL, LML414DL, LM-X410.F, LM-X410.FGN, LM-X410.FG, LM-X410(FG)Android 8.1.0
X4+LM-X410L, LM-X410S, LM-X415L, LM-X415SAndroid 8.1.0
LG G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTELG-P530LAndroid 8.1.0
LG X400LGM-X301S, LGM-K121K, LGM-X401L, LGM-K121L, LGM-X401S, LGM-X301K, LGM-K121S, LGM-X301LAndroid 8.1.0
LG X VentureLG-H700, LG-US701, LG-M710ds, LG-M710Android 8.1.0
LG K10 (2017)LG-M250, LG-M257PRAndroid 8.1.0
Nexus 5XNexus 5XAndroid 8.1.0
L-03KL-03KAndroid 8.1.0
LG K40LM-X420Android 8.1.0
LG K12+LM-X420Android 8.1.0
LG Q6LG-M703, LGM-X600S, LGM-X600K, LG-M700, LG-US700, LGM-X600LAndroid 8.1.0
LG Q7LM-Q610.FGN, LM-Q617.FGN, LM-Q610.FGAndroid 8.1.0
LG Q7+LM-Q725L, LM-Q610(FGN), LM-Q725K, LM-Q727K, LM-Q727S,

LM-Q617.FGN, LM-Q727L, LM-Q725S

Android 8.1.0
Q Stylus PlusLM-Q710.FGNAndroid 8.1.0
G7 fitLM-Q850Android 8.1.0
LG Q9LM-Q925S, LM-Q925L, LM-Q925KAndroid 8.1.0
LG G7 fitLM-Q850Android 8.1.0
LG Stylo 4LM-Q710.FG, LG-Q710AL, LM-Q710(FGN), LML713DL, LG-Q710PL, LM-Q710.FGNAndroid 8.1.0
Q StylusLM-Q710XM, 801LG, LM-Q710.FG, LM-Q710.FGNAndroid 8.1.0
Q8LM-Q815L, LM-Q815S, LGM-X800K, LM-Q815K, LGM-X800L, LG-H970Android 8.1.0
V40 ThinQLM-V405, LM-V409NAndroid 8.1.0
LG X5LM-X510LAndroid 8.0.0
LG X chargeLG-M327, LM-X510.FG, LG-M322, LM-X510(FG), LG-M320, LG-US601Android 8.0.0
LG G5LG-F700K, LG-H831, LG-F700S, LGUS992, LG-H820PR, LG-H860,

LGAS992, LGLS992, VS987, LG-H850, LG-H820, LG-H858, LG-F700L, RS988, LG-H830

Android 8.0.0
V20 PROL-01JAndroid 8.0.0
LG G6LG-LS993, LG-H871, LG-AS993, VS988, LG-H872, LGM-G600L, LG-H870S, LG-H870I, LG-H873,
LGM-G600S, LG-H871S, LGM-G600K, LG-H870AR, LGUS997, LG-H872PR, LG-H870DS, LG-H870
Android 8.0.0
V20LG-F800S, LG-H918, LG-F800K, LG-H990, LG-H910, LG-US996,

LGV34, LG-LS997, LG-F800L, LG-H915, LG-H910PR, VS995

Android 8.0.0
JOJOL-02KAndroid 8.0.0
V30+L-01K, LGV35Android 8.0.0
V30LG-H932PR, VS996, LGM-V300L, LG-AS998, LG-LS998, LG-H931,

LG-US998, LG-H933, LG-H930, LG-H932, LGM-V300S, LGM-V300K

Android 8.0.0
LG V35 ThinQLM-V350N, LM-V350Android 8.0.0
LG Q9 OneLM-Q927LAndroid 9
X5X5-LGAndroid 9
LG G7 OneLM-Q910Android 9
LG G7 ThinQLM-G710, LG-G710, LM-G710N, LM-G710VMAndroid 9

According to Android Enterprise Official website, LG will release the Android Oreo 8.1.0 update for the mid-range LG Android smartphones, including the LG X power 2,X4,LG Premier Pro,X4+,LG K8(2018),LG G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTE,LG X500,B6,Nexus 5X,L-03K,LG Q6,LG Stylo 4,LG Q7,QStylus Plus,QStylus,LG Q7+,Q8.