LGUP DLL for LG K20 M255

Here you can download the LGUP DLL for AT&T LG K20 M255 smartphone.

The LGUP DLL is used for LGUP Tool – LG’S official software to flash the stock firmware (KDZ, TOT or Bin format) onto your AT&T LG K20 M255 smartphone.

The DLL is essential for LGUP to detect the current software version and model number of your phone.

Because there is no way to download the stock firmware for AT&T LG K20 M255, You can use LGUP 1.1.4 to dump the firmware from a working LG M255 and then use the dump firmware to recover your phone.

Download LGUP DLL for LG K20 M255


LG K20 M255 is powered by MSM8917 Soc, and here is the DLL for all Android smartphones powered by MSM8917 CPU.

The LGUP_MSM8917.DLL can be used for LG K20 M255 running Android Nougat., We have not tested it on LG M255 with Android Oreo 8.1


and here is the LGUP DLL Version for Android smartphone powered by MSM8917 Soc!