LGUP DLL for LG G8 ThinQ G820N

Here you can download the latest LGUP_common.dll (Ver., the LGUP DLL for LG G8 ThinQ G820N.


How to install LGUP DLL for LG G8 ThinQ G820N

  1. Download LGUP_common[LG-G8-Ver.].zip
  2. Unzip it, You will see LGUP_common[LG-G8-Ver.].dll
  3. Rename LGUP_common[LG-G8-Ver.].dll into lgup_common.dll
  4. Copy and paste LGUP_common[LG-G8-Ver.].dll into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\common

LGUP Frame Version v1.16.0.4 or higher is needed when you try to flash LG G8 Stock kdz firmware with LGUP.

Maybe someone at xda forum can patch the LG G8 DLL and make it work with LGUP 1.14 or LGUP 1.15.